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Well. I think it's time for a new website design. Bear with me as I begin the process of changing things around and getting a new theme. I'll probably be removing some things piece by piece...but as always, you can find me on social media!

Year End: Favorite Music of 2014

This has been a great year for music!! I discovered some really awesome new and old bands. Saw a few of my favorites in concert (but missed a few too). Plus, some REALLY great albums came out this year. As usual it’s pretty much impossible for me to actually rate my favorite albums from this year. But, I did break it into a to Top 5, and then 6-9 (10 seemed too typical).

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Year end : Favorite music of 2013

Yeah, everyone has a best of list. But, we know everyone has different tastes. My friend Dan has his Top 100 Albums list, and hardly any of ours match up. But he knows a whole lot more about music than I do. So this is just my favorites of the year. I’m sure they aren’t the “best”. But they’ll definitely continue on my play lists in 2014! I hope everyone had a great 2013 & an even better 2014!!!


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This is what I listen to

If you follow me on Twitter (and odds are that’s how you got to this page in the first place) you can get a pretty good idea of what I listen to by what I tweet. It’s pretty varied. I do like to keep up with everything new. And even though I won’t willingly listen to it much, I do keep up with most pop music. There are a lot of bands out there that really deserve a lot more attention than they’re getting.


:2013 Listenings:

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Comic book turned movie

Comic book movies have certainly blown up in the past 10 years or so. It all seemed to really set off with the Spider-Man movies starting in 2002. Sure there was an X-Men movie that came out before it, but it didn’t seem to have the mainstream traction that Spider-Man did. I would guess because are just too many heroes to cover in X-Men, which makes it harder to focus on characters & really develop them. Spider-Man is obviously just one guy who is easier to really build upon and get people invested in the story (& I’m not just saying that because he’s my favorite… see my last Spider-Man post…the newest X-Men reboot seems to have done a great job with it). The first Spider-Man movie was pretty much perfect. There were a couple of small differences from the comic line (which some people hated), but overall it was a solid first movie. I think this set the tone for all other comic book adaptations to come. Overall I think a lot of them have turned out pretty good, but there have definitely been some really big misses::


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